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We are a tree care company located in Peoria, IL. We have been providing quality tree cutting, tree removal, and all services related to trees for the people of Peoria, IL.

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We are a skilled, hardworking, and professionals tree care company that works for commercial and residential properties. We have been called for residential tree services such as removing a tree branch that is growing towards your house or trimming the canopy of the tree. We have also been called for large-scale tree removal for infrastructure or land clearing services for commercial purposes. We have tree cutting, trimming, and feeling machines that can take care of all your tree needs with ease. We understand how tricky effective tree care can be but with a professional company on your back you get the best of the industry.

Services We Provide

Tree Removal

We provide tree removes services for commercial and residential properties. We make sure the removal is done safely so there is no harm to the people or property surrounding the area. Felling a tree is a very difficult thing with proper knowledge especially if the tree is big. A big and heavy tree can fall on fences, roofs, buildings,s and destroy it. To ensure such destruction does happen we do a risk assessment planning, that will secure the surrounding area and cut the tree in a way so it falls where we want it to fall.

If you want the tree to grow healthy, be strong during the storm and look aesthetic, trimming is essential. We can provide tree trimming services at affordable prices. We have tree trimming equipment that can help to trim trees with ease. Our experts are professional tree climbers. They can reach the high branches and the top leaves that would be impossible to reach in DIY tree trimming projects. They can trim even the biggest and tallest of trees and shape them in similar symmetry to look uniform. When you hire us we give you value for money.

Tree Trimming
Stump Grinding

When you have a stump in your yard that is not fulfilling any purpose and coming in the way of day to day activity, it is better to get rid of it. We at The Peoria Tree Service Pros have expert stump grinding machines that can grind stumps easily. Stump grinding turns the stumps into mulch that can later be used in various ways. The stump once labeled with the ground doesn’t act as an obstruction.

We remove stumps where complete removal is necessary. When you have a stump in a place where construction will start, the roots will have to be uprooted from the ground. This will include removing the stump from the ground. If the roots are acting a hazardous thing for the concrete slabs, the foundation of the house, or pipelines, then stumps have to be removed from the roots. In case the grinding machine can’t reach where the stump is, stump removal remains the only way.

Stump Removal
Tree Cutting

If you are looking for a tree service company that can cut trees, we are the people. We can cut any size and species of trees. We can cut the branches, fell trees for woodwork, or land clearing. Our workers are trained to handle trees with ease. We know how to trim, cutting, and felling techniques for safe cutting of the trees.

We will prune trees that are growing widely and destroying the property around. If the branch of the tree is getting inside your roof or window, it may need to be pruned. If the tree branch is somehow diseased or damaged during a storm it is best to call an emergency tree care service and get it pruned as soon as possible. We at The Peoria Tree Service Pros is an expert at pruning trees. We can remove pruned trees safely and effectively.

Tree Pruning

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We provide timely service, no matter the type of tree care you need. We adhere to a schedule and finish the work on time. We are clean in the way we perform our work. We never leave a mess behind. When we work we ensure the work is done by professionals. Give us a call when you need a free estimate for the services provided.