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The Peoria Tree Service Pros through our expertise and experience is dedicated to providing all of the people with competent tree care services. Our clients will know that they have employed qualified experts from the first meeting to the pickup of the tree mess off the lawn.

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Our main mission is to provide the city with the best available arborist facilities, at affordable rates, both residential and industrial. To provide our consumers, society, and staff with the best working experience possible, our value is safety first.
Hire arborists who appreciate the very value of greenery in your climate. The Peoria Tree Service Pros takes care of the plants and provides all of our consumers with customized tree care service because we value trees as much as you do.

We have been removing trees for commercial and residential properties for more than 20 years. The tree may need to be removed for various reasons. If the tree roots are destroying your utility lines, if the branches are growing into the power lines, the tree is dead, diseased, or simply needs to be removed so the land could be used, tree removal is needed. Our company provides effective and quick tree removal services that are loved by our clients. When it comes to trimming, we make sure the trimming is done right. Over trimming can damage the tree and kill it. With professional arborists consultation, we only trim trees that need trimming and trim it the right amount as well.

Why Choose Us?

Our company has extensive training and expertise in the tree care sector, having worked with reputable commercial companies who needed tree removal. For us, loyalty, punctuality, highest value makes us the most successful crew, most varied crew, and various other distinctions. Give us a call today for a free estimate.