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    Tree Hit By Lightning

    Nobody enjoys dealing with emergencies, so we always do our best to prepare. However, when it comes to trees, there is only so much you can do. Even if you regularly trim your trees or have them assessed by licensed arborists, there are times when they can still fall and cause damage to your property.

    Peoria weather isn’t always unpredictable. But this Illinois county isn’t always free from hurricanes that leave behind broken branches and fallen trees. Even if a tree didn’t land on your car or home, the debris that it leaves behind can still be a pain to deal with.

    If you don’t know who to call during these emergencies, let our tree company be of service. Our emergency tree service in Peoria, Illinois gets rid of storm debris and removes trees that are in the way. Trust our certified team of arborists to take care of storm damage or fallen trees due to a lightning strike or an accident. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Whether you need immediate tree removal services after an accident, a storm, or a wildfire, trust us to perform tree removal services, storm cleanup, and more. We service clients in Peoria County, Tazewell County, and other areas nearby.

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    Emergency Tree over a car

    Storm Damage Tree Clean Up

    Storms have a devastating effect on your residential or commercial property, especially if you’re surrounded by trees. The strong winds can scatter dead branches, leaves, and even entire trees. Once the storm is over, you might not have the experience or tools to clean up.

    Our tree company in Peoria, IL can do the job for you. We offer emergency tree trimming and storm damage services to reduce the risk of damage to your property. If a tree falls on your home (or near it), trust our arborists to remove it immediately without additional damage to the property.

    If you have trees that prove to be a liability, our team will perform corrective pruning procedures to ensure the plants on your property are appealing, vigorous, and healthy. Our goal is to ensure you’ll deal with less cleanup when the next storm comes.

    Emergency Tree Removal

    Hazardous Tree Removal

    Trees are considered hazardous when they pose a safety risk to property and people. Trees can fall and injure people or cause damage to homes, utility lines, and vehicles. Instead of worrying about these things, prevent trouble by having our team remove the hazardous trees.

    Our hazardous tree removal services start with an evaluation. We look for signs that indicate the tree poses a risk. Next, we check if the tree has visible cavities, a loose bark or cracks, or if it has been struck by lightning. If we can detect the problem early, we can immediately correct it by removing the tree.

    When you choose our tree services, we’ll handle everything. We’ll safely remove the tree, clean up everything, and haul the tree away.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Common Tree Service Questions We Hear

    What are the Most Common Reasons for Emergency Tree Removal and Clean-Up?

    When will you need emergency tree removal and clean-up services?

    One of the most common reasons is when a tree is damaged during a storm. If a tree is weak or old, it might fall during the storm. Strong winds can break branches or cause a tree to fall over. Heavy snow might also pile up on the tree, which might cause the tree to break or fall if it cannot withstand the weight of the snow.

    Emergency tree removal is also important if a tree threatens people or property. You’ll need emergency services when a tree (or parts of it) has landed on a vehicle or property. If you notice that your tree is leaning in a way that it didn’t before, don’t wait for an accident to happen.

    Both situations call for emergency tree removal services. So, instead of worrying, get in touch with our tree company ASAP.

    Does Insurance Cover Car or Home Property Damage for a Fallen Tree?

    If a tree falls on your home or any of your insured properties, your homeowners’ insurance policy should still cover the damage to the structure and its contents. You can file a claim with your insurance company.

    Homes damaged by fallen trees are usually covered by a policy that pays for the removal of the tree (which can cost about $500 to $1,000, depending on the insurance company and the type of policy you bought). However, if the tree doesn’t fall on the insured property, your insurance policy might not pay for the debris removal.

    As for cars, vehicle insurance can help cover tree damage, as long as you have comprehensive coverage. This coverage helps pay for the replacement or repair of your vehicle if it is damaged by falling objects (e.g. trees).