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Are you looking to remove trees from your property? We provide the best tree removal services for commercial and residential properties.

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When you hire us, we make sure to provide appropriate equipment, timely service, and affordable prices. We have some of the best tree removal experts working for us. They are experienced and certified people helping you remove the obstructive trees from your property.

Trees can be quite a nuisance if they are dead, diseased, or damaged during the strong. Such damaged and dead trees are a threat to the people and people in its vicinity. Such trees may fall down at any moment. Considering trees are not a light thing, they can weigh thoughts of pounds, their falling can kill someone, destroy property, and can be quite scary. Safe removal of such unreliable trees is essential. As far as diseased trees are concerned, if the infestation is vast spread and kills most parts of the tree, removal remains the only option. However, our arborists always help in giving you alternative options which may include removal of affected parts or medicine. We are here to help you remove trees that are not serving any purpose.

Tree Removal

Many times trees might need to be removed when space is required for some kind of construction. If you need to construct a parking lot, driveway, a new building or major infrastructure of big companies, tree removal might be needed. A professional company will have a much bigger crew, sophisticated equipment, and proper construct to take care of big tree removal projects. We are taken care of small as well as big projects without blinking an eye.

Safety is one of the main priorities for us. The Peoria Tree Service Pros provides all the safety equipment to the employees to make sure they work in a safe environment. Working equipment and up-gradation training also lowers the chances of uneventful accidents. They are well-versed in using cranes, ladders, and harnesses to get to the top branches and trim it short before felling the whole tree.

Felling a tree is not an easy task. It requires risk assessment and planning. We work with proper planning to ensure the tree is removed with safety and no one is hurt or no property is destroyed. We are bonded, so in case there is any damage, we will cover for it. Our tree removal techniques are tried and tested. No matter the size of the tree, we do our job with efficiency. We remove the gum trees, palm trees, and many different kinds of native as well as exotic trees. Tree removal leaves behind a lot of mess. Leaves, branches, tree trunks. We make sure the leaves, twigs, and branches are removed from your property. The trunk and valuable wood can be cut into smaller pieces and left at your property so you can determine what to do with it.

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As one of the best tree removal companies in town, we consider ourselves to be the best. We work towards satisfying our customer’s needs for safe, quick, and clean tree removal projects. When you hire us, we will come on time, take the money as states in the estimate and leave your property clean and organized. When you need quality work you can trust and give us a call.